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A child care centre in Heckenberg that will bring the whole community peace of mind.

One of the hardest things we ever do, is turn our children over to someone else.

Step Ahead Child Care Centre understands what you need to see and feel inside a child care centre in Heckenberg. And, we agree, you should be very careful with your choice.

Our programs are designed to accommodate the needs of working parents by being affordable and high quality, and providing an environment that will never make you worry about the welfare of your child.

We offer a variety of outdoor and indoor activities that will keep your child fit, balanced and happy. Step Ahead Child Care Centre believes that happiness is paramount to a child's well-being, and we are happy to make your child happy in our child care centre in Heckenberg.

Balanced activities

We offer:

  • A safe and nurturing environment
  • Outdoor and indoor activities
  • Meals and naps on time, but never enforced, some days we just don't feel like either, but parents will always be communicated with about a child's change in patterns
  • Caring and experienced staff

Our staff

Step Ahead Child Care Centre's child care centre in Heckenberg has highly skilled staff fully trained in early childhood care. However, our primary focus is to hire only people who actually love being around children. This is very easy to see.

When you come and visit our child care centre in Heckenberg, and we encourage you to do so, you will see for yourself that everyone here has a main goal of creating a loving and happy atmosphere for your child to share with you when he or she comes home.

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